“To provide and achieve the highest pinnacle in our mission and give the maximum educational opportunities to our students.”


“We endeavor to provide the best Infra-structure, Academic and extra-curricular facilities to our Students.”


1. To offer graduate and undergraduate programs in commerce, science and management.
2. To inculcate a value system among students which will not only make them good humans with good character.
3. To create higher level of intellectual abilities by promoting student participation in ‘Academics Fun’, ‘Co-curricular’, ‘sports’, ‘Physical education’ and ‘Extension activities’.
4. To guide students to get suitable employment and to provide awareness of higher educational opportunities through career guidance and placement services.
5. To foster global competencies among students by providing an opportunity to attain Diplomas and certificate courses from foreign universities to faces challenges of future.
6. To carry out innovative methods of teaching by adopting technology, problem solving approach and fostering creative, critical thinking among students to make learning interesting.
7. To motivate students to develop research incumbent, advancement and dissemination of knowledge through reading habits and boost inquisitivity.
8. To mentor students from the beginning to prevent dropouts and thereafter towards achieving higher level of academic excellence.
9. To offer student a variety of elective courses aiming to achieve specialization.