About MKMP

Matrushri Kashiben Motilal Patel Senior College of Commerce & Science is located at a 2 min. walk from Thakurli railway station and at 8-10 mins rickshaw distance from Dombivli. Close proximity to station has convened students from kurla to shahpur to study here. The institution obtained permission in the year 2008 for starting Degree College and is affiliated to mumbai university. The college renders education leading to Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com.), Bachelor of Management Studies (B.M.S.), Bachelor of Banking and insurance (B.B.I.), Bachelor of Accounts & Finance (B.A.F.), Bachelor of Science (Bsc-Computer Science), Bachelor of Science (Bsc-Information Technology).

      College emphasizes on high values, Professionalism, social sensitivity and dynamic entrepreneurship. Through all this it encourage global proficiency and philosophy without diminishing the importance of national interests.

          Importance has been given to impart higher education to the younger generation with innovative academic programs. Greater emphasis is given on specialization through various certificate and professional add-on qualitative programs equivalent with the latest curriculum promising overall development of our students encouraging them to participate in academic and co-curricular activities by nurturing their talents to face the challenges of the new millennium. The college sensitizes the students of being conscious of their role as a constructive & responsible part of the large society through various extension activities. Overall, college leaves no area untouched, where the progress of students is concerned. Feedback Mechanism: The College assesses feedback of students for various learning programs, events and activities.
         It associates parents of students with their performances through regular meetings and evaluate performance. Regular updates of absenteeism and marks scored are provided through SMS.