For admission to F.Y.BSC.IT, the student should have passed the Standard XIIth std. Examination conducted by the Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education, Mumbai or an examination recognized as equivalent with subjects as may be specified by the University in Science.


BSC.IT (Bachelor of Science in Information Technology)


  • Bachelor of Science (Information Technology) BSC (IT) is a three-year undergraduate program which Provides comprehensive training to students in the field of Information Technology by way of interaction, projects, presentations, industrial visits, practical training, job orientation and Placements.
  • Students will be able to serve as Programmer or Software Engineer with sound knowledge of practical and theoretical concepts for developing software’s.
  • Students will be able to serve as Computer Engineer with enhanced knowledge of computers and its building blocks.
  • Students will be able to Work as System Engineer, System integrator, Technical Writer, Consultant & Management officers for system management, IT Sales & Marketing person and System Administrator with thorough knowledge of Database Management System (DBMS).
  • Students will be able to Give Technical Support for various systems in all sectors.
  • Students will be able to serve as Web Designer with latest web development technologies, IT Officer in Banks and other Financial Institutions.
  • Students will learn practical knowledge of Advanced IT technologies.
  • Students will develop Critical thinking by learning various programming languages and IT technologies.
  • Students will develop good Communicational skills and soft skills.